The Hunter’s Walk

A prehistoric dark skin cave painter and his fair skin brother fight racism and climate change, while trying to complete their rite of passage, The Hunter’s Walk.

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Who is Ghar and Dun?

Ghar is a dark skin boy born to a fair skin mother Gharra. Dun is a fair skin boy, born to a dark skin mother Adura. They are switched when they are infants to keep the Father’s resolution to separate the colours. They are from the Zarda, a stone tool tribe that blame scarce times on the fair skins and the women of the tribe, banning them from hunting and from completing the Hunter’s Walk, a Zardan rite of passage of Adulthood.

The Zarda and The Khamma

These are prehistoric tribes who don’t have numbers to count, the right clothing for snow, or tools more complex than knapped stone. But in many ways they are similar to modern people, striving to belong, taking care of their sick and communicating through art and song. And they had to face a changing climate – would they become isolationist and tribal, or would they help each other and share tools and resources?

Check out excerpts from the book and “stone tool” art from Rachel Tan Hwee below


Nabeel Ismeer

Nabeel Ismeer spends most of his sleep time trying to answer what if? What if the stone age had a Leonardo Da Vinci, was Lascaux her Mona Lisa? What if prehistoric leaders resorted to discrimination when they had no answer to the ice age? What if mitigating climate change can also help reverse inequality and further humanity? What if what’s better for humanity can also be better for the environment?

While he’s awake he’s either on a field in Asia building solar power, or hunched over his keyboard, at a coffee shop, an airport lounge, or a makeshift plywood hotel room, arguing with characters and plugging plot holes. He lives in Singapore with his wife and curious little toddler.

He would love to engage with you on The Hunter’s Walk, or his works in progress, on climate change and solar power, or writing in general. Leave a note, or contact him on social media below!

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